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Rochester Hills, MI Fire Damage Restoration, Smoke and Soot Cleanup

The emotional and physical damage fire can cause to your home is something that can destroy your life in a matter of hours. Fire and smoke can not only destroy your home, but it can also damage everyday items like clothing. If you have recently had a fire, it is important to get restoration services as soon as possible. Friendly Hills Restoration is the premier restoration company in the area and they offer fantastic fire damage restoration services. The following is a description of what makes them the best.

Complete Service With Integrity

Friendly Hills Restoration understands how devastating a fire can be for a family. They are committed to providing both emotional and physical support for your family during such a difficult time. They perform both residential and commercial fire damage restoration and have the latest equipment to perform these services quickly and efficiently. Their goal is to restore your life as close to normal as possible after such a catastrophe. Unlike some restoration companies that cut corners to save money, Friendly Hills Restoration will only do work that is done with integrity and dedication to making sure you are completely taken care of.

Fire Damage Restoration: A Complete Breakdown

The aftermath of a house fire can be devastating. Fire damage restoration services are needed to restore homes that have been damaged by smoke and heat after a fire. Hiring the right restoration company will ensure you get the most out of your insurance money, which is exactly what you need after suffering devastating injuries due to a fire. Its crucial to understand what makes a good restoration company so you dont end up with a subpar job done by an unprofessional company. Read on for more information about what makes a good fire damage restoration company, and what costs you could be looking at when estimating the cost of fire damage restoration services.

Complete Repairs for Your Home or Business

Smoke and heat damage can take weeks or even months to completely heal from, which is why its important to make sure your house or business gets completely restored by an expert fire damage restoration company. Here are the areas where most contractors dont do the repair work, so make sure the company you choose is willing to do that.

Services Available Include:

  • Complete cleaning of all carpets, furniture, and drapes.
  • Removal of smoke odor from walls and ceilings.
  • Cleaning of the fireplace and chimney (if applicable).
  • Air purification systems set up to remove the smell of smoke.
  • Complete ceiling and wall repairs.
  • All paintwork removed in rooms affected by smoke to prevent damage to internal walls.
  • Attic restoration if it has been affected by fire.
  • Repair damaged woodwork.

Fire Foam Removal

 Foam removal is a big part of fire damage restoration services that many contractors miss out on. This can lead to dangerous black mold growth in the future and even more serious damage to your home or business. To minimize damage and prevent mold, make sure to get a professional foam removal service on the restoration company you choose.

Air Filtration and Purification

After a fire, the air inside your home is filled with smoke particles that need to be removed before you can get back into your house. Some restoration companies only use an air filter to remove these particles from the air, but a better choice would be an air purifier which will also remove any lingering smoke smells from your home or business.


There are several factors that could affect the cost of fire damage restoration services, such as: how much water damage has occurred and what type of materials have been affected by fire. To get an idea of how much your costs might be, give us a call at (248) 951-9073 or contact us online and we will get back to you with a free quote for our services. We are available 24/7/365, so call us now if you are dealing with a fire damaged property and need help getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible! 

Our Happy Customers!

I had a fire in my RV and contacted Friendly Hills Restoration. They came out and did the assessment that same day and got the ball rolling right away. They kept me up to date on everything that was going on with the restoration of my home and made sure that I knew what to expect throughout the process. I was so happy with the service they provided!

Macey Q

Recently, our house experienced a fire that resulted in a large amount of damageboth from smoke and water. We had to evacuate and work with the insurance company to make sure we got the best deal. When the time came to decide who would be our restoration contractor, we discussed the various companies with numerous friends and family. We chose Friendly Hills Restoration because of their stellar reputation. Not only was their price lower than the other company‘s, but they also provided a much better service. Their workers were prompt and friendly, and they did an amazing job getting everything back in order for us. We were able to use the kitchen in under a week! Not only is this company very fair and honest, but they are fast and

Tim O

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